What is a realistic budget for my new landscape? The answer to this question can vary quite a bit depending upon your needs. The Association of Realtors has explored many different studies to answer this question and have estimated that in the Chattanooga, Hixson, Ooltewah, and surrounding areas, a budget of 10% to 12 %...

Do we offer warranty on the work we perform for your home or business? All work that we perform is warrantied for defects in craftsmanship. We guarantee the services we provide and stand behind all work performed. If there are ever any questions always feel free to contact us.

Now that the weather has broken in Chattanooga how do you gear up your lawn for spring? Lawns: Landscape Maintenance for Spring ·         If crabgrass is problematic, treat with a per-emergent herbicide around the time forsythia blooms in your area. ·         Revive weak lawns by de-thatching and aerating. ·         Fertilize lightly

1. Does your landscape company have Workman’s Compensation Insurance? Hiring a Landscape Company that does not have Workman’s Compensation Insurance exposes you to Liability and Law suits if an employee of the company you hire gets injured on the job. . 2. Can you provide comprehensive maintenance of the plants, hardscapes, lighting, etc. you install?...

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